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Othman Ibn Affan The 3rd Caliph of Islam by �Mohammed Redha

Othman Ibn Affan (Othman Ibn Affan the 3rd Caliph, 1/1 Volume)

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In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, The Most Merciful

Praise be to Allah, the God of all creatures and the wisest ruler; and blessings and peace be upon the Messenger of Allah (to whom may Allah’s Blessings and peace be granted).

So and so, Allah, to whom be ascribed all perfection and majesty, willed that I persist in what I started as I worked out books on the Islamic history in service of Moslems in all the countries of the world.

Hereinafter, I introduce to researchers and readers this book as one of the series of Islamic history. It is on < pleasure is prayed>>. By doing so, I filled a space and completed a shortage.

People did not find a book, which is independent, on each caliph. This book deals with his biography and the events that took place during his reign. even foreign writers followed the suit of Moslem writers They did not write a separate book for each caliph. Sir Moer’s book <> and Sir Irving‘s book <> are both one volume. And others the same.

Undoubtedly, this is a shortage which must be completed. But, we should acknowledge that the scholar Rafiq Beck al- Azem had made up for this issue and I allocated a part for each caliph from his book: The Most Famous Men of Islam. I did not find more than the first four parts including Othman.

Thus, we do not find anything, but the general books of history such as al-Tabari, who is trusted, as well as Ibn Khaldoun and Ibn al- Athir, who derived their writings from al- Tabari in general. This is addition to <> of Prince Rittani, who translated the Arabic texts into Italians.

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    Othman Ibn Affan The 3rd Caliph of Islam by Mohammed Redha

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