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We have defined Islamic products to mean anything that helps a Muslim with an aspect of worship. Usually this is assisting with the perfection of prayer or worship directly such as in the case of prayer rugs or tesbih (prayer beads). However it can also be in helping to complete the sunnah like the case with kufi (muslim prayer cap) which we have in the men’s clothing section.

As we continue to grow, expect to see more products here that will help with the completion of worship in an easier way or make it easier to perfect a Muslim’s worship. We do have many books that can help a Muslim to learn more about his or her faith in our online book store and we have a very informative website which has all of our original magazine articles and content created specifically for our website.

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After embracing Islam, most new Muslims get a prayer rug, prayer beads and a prayer cap or a hijab. This is seen as a “starter kit” for Muslims. Muslim American strongly encourages the use of prayer beads and rugs in order to make sure that one gets focused in the perfection of salaat and dhikr. These sorts of Islamic products can often come across as “trappings” but in reality there are examples from the sahaba that these items were used and often by Muhammad (PBUH) himself. Please check the detail pages for the sajadah and tasbeeh for more details on how they are defended by sunnah.

We also provide information for how to use the Muslim prayer beads and the proper way to use a prayer mat. For new Muslims especially, advice on how to properly use these “Muslim accessories” is important. For many of us that have been Muslim for a long time it is easy to forget how little we knew when we first converted. For those raised in Islam of course these habits were formed at the very basic level. There is definitely a learning curve when it comes to Islamic habits and rituals. We have to be sure that these rites and rituals in Islam are not taken for granted.

So it is with the prayer beads for making dhikr and the prayer mat for making salaat and specifically sajada. It must be carefully illustrated that dhikr beads are merely a tool to help a Muslim to make remembrance of Allah easily and to ensure that he completes all the recommended dhikr for the full reward. It is not mandated or required to use them, it just makes life easier.

The same thing applies for a Muslim prayer mat, these are just instruments to make our salah more comfortable when we prostrate (make sujood) the prayer rug makes a comfortable musallah for us (place of prayer) where otherwise the floor or ground would be uncomfortable. This helps us keep focus on our prayer so that we can complete it more perfectly.

We have a nice selection of travel style prayer rugs which make it so much easier to carry them and make prayers while traveling. As a Muslim in America, we cannot be too careful about the places where we wish to pray. With the large number of dogs out in public spaces, we may accidentally pray in a place that has najis (ritually unclean material). While we are not held responsible for things done outside of our control, it can be distracting to realize mid-salat that you’ve put your head on dog hair. The travel size prayer rugs fold up into a small pouch, making it easy to pack in a bag that you’ll take on the bus, train, airplane or even a long car ride.

Islam is an easy religion and we are permitted to use products that make our worship easy so that we can focus on Allah.