Hijab Scarves

The word hijab means cover in Arabic. Hijabs have evolved over time and there are many ways to express yourself with a hijab. Muslim American has a large collection of high-quality soft jersey hijabs to buy online. You won't believe how soft it is until you try it. There is a large variety of other styles available as well. you can see all the women's headscarves, khimars, Shayla's, one-piece hijab bonnets, and more below. If you would like to request a certain color or style feel free to contact us and let us know. Thanks for browsing!

Muslim women's hijab veil scarves

Amazingly, hijab fashion has gone beyond the confines of Muslim women’s clothing and has become a piece of high fashion. Many women from all walks of life have taken hold of this Islamic fashion item and have looked for places to learn how to wear scarves in creative and fashionable ways and have even sought out Muslim women to learn how to tie scarves for all kinds of women’s fashion.

Head scarves are also a point of contention for some governments who have tried to institute a hijab ban for school students and in government buildings. While this has led to many women leaving off the khimar under pressure, it has led to others wearing them as a shawl around the shoulders then pull it up as a head cover and use it as a prayer shawl when making salaat. Headscarves shouldn’t be an issue in our society now that the style of Georgette hijab has hit high fashion and hijabis are being looked at as fashion icons in many countries around the world.

Hijab definitions vary from one culture to another within Islamic society, so what is hijab exactly? It is (literally speaking) a barrier of separation. The hijab is anything that prevents a Muslim woman from being seen and her form being exposed. Calling a head cover the hijab is a simple way of defining what it represents. Allah (SWT) commanded all believing women to draw down the khimar and use it to cover the ears, neck and chest area since the style at that time was to wear the khimar over the head, but allow it to drape down the back. By drawing it forward to cover the chest, Muslim women changed their clothing to be different from the non-Muslims in society and to increase the layer of modesty in the way they dress.

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