Body Oil Fragrances

Amazing Long Lasting Scented Body Oil Fragrances, Oudhs, Attars and Musks

In a world that is enamored with beauty products and cosmetic enhancements, it’s easy to forget the natural ways to make yourself beautiful. Centuries of using makeup and alcohol-based perfumes have caused people to forget the natural ways to maintain their skin and smell great year long. Body oils have been used for thousands of years. Ancient Egyptians mastered the art of making fragrant oils long before personal hygiene was taken into consideration. It is said that the tomb of King Tutankhamun had a 3000-year-old vase of an oil made from the musk glands of deer which still had a lingering aroma after all this time. It is hard to argue with the longevity of the fragrance which comes from oils. Fragrance oils made from myrrh, cinnamon, and frankincense have a history even in biblical scripture. These fragrances were commonly used for anointing oils and are common today. The greeks would commonly use these oils in their bathhouses and after sporting events. Oils have adorned people’s cultures and lifestyles for millennia, try using body oils for yourself and see how much better they are for you.