Women's Clothing

Islamic clothing for women comes in many shapes and sizes. Our Muslim clothing options are made with beautiful fabrics that shimmer and cascade in all the colors one could imagine. We have Indian-style wedding dresses and Kurtis of various layered styles with a variety of patterns. Take a look at our hijab fashion store as we offer hijabs to go with a wide variety of looks from traditional to modern fashion. Our loose and flowing pants can be a staple in your wardrobe to mix and match as you like.

Muslim women's clothing doesn't have to be limited to traditional styles, we have sleeves and other accessories that can help transform any modern style of clothing into Muslim dress. Throw on a pair of leggings under a cute skirt or add sleeves to a half-sleeve shirt to mix up your style and make things interesting.

Muslim clothing for women is every bit as beautiful, fashionable and diverse as non-Muslim women’s clothing. The fact is that God made women beautiful and women should be able to dress in fun and fashionable styles! Muslim women dress in modest clothing that still shows off a sense of fashion. Check out the different categories we offer:


Hijab fashion has gone beyond the just Muslim women’s clothing and is an integral piece of high fashion. Fashion designers and women from all walks of life have taken hold of this Islamic fashion item and integrate it into their look. Certainly we’ve seen more and more examples on the runways of fashion week over the past decade as America and Europe have been struck by this new wave of Orientalism. Now all women are trying to learn how to wear scarves in creative and fashionable ways and have even sought out Muslim women to tie scarves for all women’s fashion trends. We’ve got a great selection of Hijabs in our own online hijab store, just click and order away!


Whether you are looking for harem pants or high waisted, yet loose-fitting pants, we have them for you! Our modest pants for Muslim women are perfect for modest women to be stylish and still maintain Muslim dress code. For those who can’t decide what to wear under a dress for the added layer of modesty, we also offer leggings in various colors. We can help you complete your look here at Muslim American.


High-waisted and modest maxi skirts are a Muslim woman’s best friend! They are not only good ideas for Muslim dress but they are also trendy and fashionable. Our skirt options include various patterns and colors. Our black long chiffon maxi skirt is exceptionally popular since it goes with so many styles of tops!

Tunic Tops

The tunic top is really the most basic item for a conservative dresser’s wardrobe. Muslim outfits wouldn’t be complete without a lovely kurta to set them off. They are long enough to be conservative and fashionable enough to be trendy. What would a Muslim woman’s wardrobe be without a few Kurta to change up her daily clothing? Fashion trends change with the season so we get new tunic tops to fit the latest trend in Bangladeshi, Pakistani and Indian tunics’ styles. Tunic tops are the perfect solution for women to wear over leggings to keep it casual, comfortable or modest. They can also be worn over pants, a skirt or as part of a more intricate outfit.

Our Islamic clothing store is right in the heart of southeastern USA, located in Charlotte, NC. We have a wide variety of clothing and other Islamic accessories for you to choose from. Please browse our Muslim clothing online or feel free to visit our offices in Charlotte to look through all our Muslim women's clothing to find the newest styles that haven't made it to the website yet.