Men's Casual Thobes

These thobes are meant to be worn at home, running errands, going to the Masjid on a regular day, visiting your family, and so on. These casual thobes are very loose and are made for ease of wear and comfort. You will find these more often worn during the evenings or very early morning. Casual thobes are short sleeve and are often collarless. A great use for these thobes is when you have to work out or play basketball and then pray for the next hour; you can just put it over your gym clothes and go to pray. Casual thobes are so comfortable you can wear them at home on a cold day, like a sleeved blanket. The other class of thobe is the formal thobe. This thobes can come in a variety of styles in terms of collars and stitching but they are always long sleeve.