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Islamic Store for Muslims in Charlotte, NC

Muslim American is an Islamic store based in Charlotte supplying Muslims across the US. Muslim American has been proudly providing Islamic goods to Muslim families, teachers, business owners and inmates throughout the country for a decade.

You can also find help for new Muslims trying to get their Islamic lifestyle ready with rugs, prayer beads, Dua books and of course clothing. We also provide Muslim country tourists a place to plan, get advice and shop for their trips overseas. We can also help you learn to wear a hijab or give you advice on Islamic traditions. Our clothes are made for everyone and anyone can come try out our clothing in store! Here are some of the things you can find in our store and online:

  • Islamic Products in Charlotte, NC
  • Muslim Prayer Rugs in Charlotte, NC
  • Prayer Beads in Charlotte, NC
  • Islamic Wall Decorations in Charlotte, NC
  • Islamic Clothing For Men in Charlotte, NC
  • Indian and Pakistani Clothing and Kurtas for Men in Charlotte, NC
  • Islamic Clothing For Women in Charlotte, NC
  • Kufi Skull Caps and Islamic Hats for Men in Charlotte, NC
  • Shemaghs, Keffiyehs and Tactical Desert Scarf for Men in Charlotte, NC
  • Arabian perfume oils, Ouds, Musk and Attar for Men in Charlotte, NC
  • Perfume Type Oils and Body Oils for Women Wholesale and Retail In Charlotte, NC
  • Arab Robes and Abayas for Women in Charlotte, NC
  • Chiffon and Jersey Hijabs for Women in Charlotte, NC
  • Pashmina Scarves for Women in Charlotte, NC
  • Indian Clothing and Kurtis for Women in Charlotte, NC

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Saturday 12.00 pm-4.00 pm
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