Our scented oils are made and sold in small batches to ensure that the highest quality fragrances and oils are used. These oils are sold in small volume bottles because they are highly concentrated. A normal alcohol based cologne or perfume will fade and disappear as the day goes; however, A drop of one of these alcohol free oils will last the whole day and become stronger the harder you work. These fragrance oils have been used for thousands of years; many believe that these oils were the first form of fragrant materials used for personal redolence. These smells would permeate through the streets of Rome, Athens, Istanbul, Alexandria and many more historic civilizations. Fragrant oils were also one of the few earthly possessions treasured by the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

Our oils come in two kinds primarily: Attar and Oud. Attar, in general, is made from flower found in the Middle East and South Asia. Many different flowers give different scents depending on the method of extraction, distillation and time of aging. This is also true for Oud, however, oud is made from the bark of specific species of evergreens native to regions of South Asia.