Adult Single Prayer Rugs

These adult Muslim prayer rugs are lightweight, and looks amazing. The material is a super comfy velvet made of cotton and polyester. Try it for yourself and see just how great an authentic Turkish prayer rug works for you. Turkish prayer rugs are regarded as the best quality in the whole world. People all over the world love the quality and comfort of a Turkish rug. These rugs aren't just for prayer; You can use them anywhere, outdoors or indoors. Take them on your picnic or your children's soccer game. These rugs are made to see the world. They also fold easily and taking them on the go is as easy as folding them. You will love just how amazing these rugs are for you and your adventures ahead.

Prayer rugs and sajadas make a cozy area for meditation or self reflection. They also make a great sleeping mat or book reading area on the ground. If you are on campus and there are no seats left? Pull out your rug and make your own seat wherever you like.