Salaam Alaikum and welcome to Muslim American’s online shop! Here we hope to provide everything a Muslim could need in one convenient store. We have incorporated the items one would find in a Muslim clothing store with the items that one expects from an Islamic bookstore and have attempted to make a one-stop-shop for anything you could need to follow an Islamic lifestyle in the USA.

Feel free to browse our wide variety of Islamic clothing for women and men alike. We carry casual Islamic clothing good for everyday wear and we have more formal Muslim clothing for wearing on Eid or for Jummuah. We also carry a wide variety of tasbih to make dhikr every day and prayer rugs for convenience when you’re away from home or the Masjid.

We have tried to make it easier to buy Muslim clothes online with updated pictures, a wider variety of hijab fashion styles and a better selection of Muslim men’s clothing. Our hijab store is constantly receiving new arrivals to keep up with the latest trend and our kurti selection is always growing. Make sure to check back often as new clothes arrive every month.

We have also expanded our book shop selection and have many affordable Muslim gift items such as wall hangings, key chains and Islamic car ornaments. For that special someone in your life, we have expanded our collection of Indian style jewelry and exotic oud perfumes.

Please take your time and enjoy our product selection, feel free to call us if you need help choosing anything. If you live nearby, don’t hesitate to stop in and visit our showroom store in Charlotte, NC.

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