Long Skirts for Women

What’s a modest dresser’s best friend? Long maxi skirts! We have a great selection of skirt options for you! Most are polyester and spandex blend and our skirt selection ranges from solid colors to floral, paisley, and bohemian style skirts. Our black long chiffon maxi skirt is exceptionally popular since it goes with so many styles of tops! Keep checking back for new options as we are constantly looking for modest skirts for you!

High waisted and modest maxi skirts are not only good ideas for Muslim dress but they are also a trendy and fashionable way to wear skirts lately. Modest long skirts have gotten more popular since broomstick skirts have spread into more cultures and regions. The traditional “little black dress” has evolved into a little black maxi skirt and even with the twist of a black and white striped maxi skirt as being a must-have for any woman’s wardrobe. The reasoning is simple, modest long skirts are easy to pair up with any style of top. While our goal is to provide Muslim women with fashionable options to wear, we welcome anyone to celebrate the beauty of modesty and have fun with these long, flowing maxi skirts.

While you are probably aware that skirts have been around for centuries, it may surprise you to know that the oldest skirt ever discovered was found in an Armenian cave and dates back to 3,900 BCE! That means that we humans have been wearing skirts for over 6,000 years! Can you imagine how many times the fashion trends have changed over 6,000 years and yet the skirt has remained a part of these trends. This makes it a must-have essential piece of any wardrobe.

We hope you will enjoy the constantly expanding selection of skirts here at Muslim American. If you live in Charlotte, come by our store and check out the new arrivals before they even get on the website. Our goal is to provide Muslim women with the right clothing to be modest yet modern and maintain the dignity of the Islamic dress code. We aim to provide everything a Muslim American will need to fulfill the Islamic way of life!