Tunic Tops for Women

What would a Muslim woman’s wardrobe be without a few Kurti to change up her daily clothing? Our Kurti (AKA tunic tops) are available in a wide variety of styles and colors. Fashion trends change with the season so we get new tunic tops to fit the latest trend in Bangladeshi, Pakistani and Indian tunics’ styles. Tunic tops are the perfect solution for women to wear over leggings to keep it casual, comfortable or modest. They can also be worn over pants, a skirt or as part of a more intricate outfit. The tunic top is really the most basic and essential kind of clothing for Muslim women to wear.

About Tunic Tops

Tunic tops are called kurti across South Asia, it is derived from a Sanskrit word for a collarless shirt that is adapted is kurta for men; therefore a kurti is a kurta for women. Indian tunics have greatly increased in popularity in recent years as interest in Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism have increased in America, so has an affinity for cultures that practice them. Kurti are often referred to as a bohemian tunic but as cultural awareness increases, the desire for beading or embroidered patterns on the tunic top have risen. Often people refer to Indian tunics as peasant tops or blouses but even the most flowing cotton tunics don’t billow in the way peasant tops are meant to. However, they are a great stand-in! Our chic, fitted tunic tops have a variety of designs in both beadwork and threading. Muslim women love our tunic options because they protect the modesty while keeping her stylish.

Traditional kurta and kurti do not have a collar, however in the modern era many tailors and seamstresses have begun adding collars to increase modesty and to fit pace with the fashion trends. Usually these collars are a straight, Mandarin style collar, but occasionally they will use Western/European style collars. Keep checking back with us to see the new arrivals from overseas as we import new fashions constantly. If you live in Charlotte, NC then stop by our store in the university area to see new fashions before they are online!